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Motorcoach Side Glazing Retention Research

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In 2003, NHTSA and Transport Canada entered into a joint research program conducted by Martec Limited that focused on preventing unrestrained occupant ejections during motorcoach rollovers by improving standard window glazing and retention. Through computer simulation the Martec study (MS) determined that the impact velocity of an occupant striking the glazing was as much as 21.6 km/h (13.4 mph). Results from this research aided in the development of a dynamic test device of 26 kg (57 lb) mass that represents the torso of the 50th percentile adult male side impact dummy (US-SID).

A section of a Motor Coach Industries (MCI) 1993 102D motorcoach was used by the Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC) to conduct impact tests at the center of the window and near the latch at different impact speeds. In center impacts, no windows with tempered glass broke and no windows opened under the MS impact conditions (26 kg at 21.6 km/h). In near-latch impacts, all latches opened when struck at the MS conditions. Testing was expanded to other motorcoach manufacturers