Traffic Safety Resources Prosecutor's Manual

Traffic Safety Resources Prosecutor's Manual

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The Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor's Manual (TSRP) is for new traffic safety resource prosecutors to assist them as they begin their new positions.  It is a compilation of the efforts of experienced TSRPs who have been in similar positions and did not have the resources at hand, so they developed their resources over a period of time.  This manual will reduce the amount of time that a new TSRP will need to work with other prosecutors, and with NHTSA, other criminal justice entities, State highway safety offices, and traffic safety groups.

Implications for Highway Safety Program Planning - Prosecutors have an intricate role in promoting highway safety through their actions at the local level.  By promoting TSRP's at the State level, the local prosecutors have the resources and technical expertise that until recently has only been available at the national level.  Having prosecutors trained earlier in their career will reduce the number of serious traffic cases that are dismissed or negotiated to lesser offenses.  This manual has been developed by veteran TSRPs and sets forth the tenets for a new TSRP as they begin their careers.  State highway safety offices can use this as a resource for new TSRP and/or for recruiting new TSRPs