Primary Enforcement Saves Lifes (Report)

Primary Enforcement Saves Lifes (Report)

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This report provides extensive insight into unsafe driving behaviors in teenage motorists and passengers, and also identifies messages and communication strategies that are likely to affect these driving behaviors.

IMPLICATION FOR HIGHWAY SAFETY PLANNING:   The focus and affinity groups that were conducted for this project clearly demonstrated that teens are very sophisticated in terms of what types of traffic safety messages they will accept.  Therefore, communities and youth safety organizations who are in the planning stages of developing traffic safety programs designed for youth can use the report findings to learn about what safety message characteristics motivate and discourage teen drivers, the friends of teen drivers (who are likely to be teen drivers themselves) and the parents of teen drivers.  This information can also be used by the institutions that deal directly with teen drivers: motor vehicle administrations, police departments, Driver's Ed instructors, insurance companies, and health care providers (pediatricians and adolescent health specialists).